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Routine DIY Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Salvage Cars Car Maintenance Responsible car ownership begins with routine maintenance checks.

Changing a Tire

Your car’s manual will have instructions on where to locate the items you will need to change a tire, and it’s best to know ahead of time where these items are and if you have everything. Basic tips for changing a tire include:

– Know the location of the spare tire, the tire jack and the tire iron
– When using a tire jack, always make sure you are on level ground
– Loosen the lug nuts before raising the car off the ground, then finish taking them off once the tire is raised off the ground.
– When finished, tighten the lug nuts by hand, then lower the tire and finish tightening using the tire iron.

Changing Wiper Blades

Wiper blades usually come on and off by squeezing and/or twisting the clips holding the wiper blades to the arms. Be sure to check how your blades are first placed on your car so that you can reverse the process when installing your new wiper blades.

Checking Fluids

The fluids in your car will be contained in reservoirs that use measuring sticks or caps that indicate how much fluid is contained. Some reservoirs are clear and will contain marks on the side indicating fluid levels. Be sure to periodically check the fluid levels in your car or have your mechanic check your fluid levels during routine maintenance services.

Tire Pressure

You will need a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure in your tire. Firmly insert the gage into the valve stem to get the pressure reading. Always do this at least two times to ensure the reading is accurate.

Check Belts

Your car’s engine has a series of belts used to operate the car. Look for signs of wear such as cracking or pieces that are torn off. Have a mechanic periodically check your belts and replace them as needed.

Using Your Car As An Iphone Accessory

SalvageCarBlog Smartphone for your CarThese days, very few motorists leave home without first grabbing their cell phone. Unlike the basic cell phones of yesteryear, the smartphones of today are essentially like a small computer. Whether you own an Iphone or any other smartphone, your device actually has the ability to improve you driving experience. Here are the best apps that will integrate your car with your mobile phone.  Continue reading

Project car as a family

Project car in family garageThese days with the help of modern technology it is hard to get your whole family together as one. Many children have flocked to the newest game system or smart phone instead of wanting to spend time with their family. There are several ways parents can try to gear children away from modern technology and toward memory filled family time. Continue reading

Salvage Cars a Collector’s Treasure

28751633_2Everyone loves a great trash to treasure or recycling story, but having the bragging rights to how you turned a salvage car into a collector’s treasure will be a story that you tell over and over again! For the avid car enthusiast, finding a diamond in the rough in a salvage car and rebuilding it into a gem is a challenging and rewarding experience.

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