Should you Buy a Classic?

When shopping for a vehicle, there are several things you will want to consider first. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want to buy a newer style car or a classic. When looking through  used cars for sale you will find the option to purchase either. Before you make your decision, be sure to answer the following questions. Continue reading

Finding Just What You Need Through Salvage Auction Websites

There are many benefits to consider when utilizing the services of salvage auction websites. For starters, let’s say you want to locate a particular part for a salvage car you want to repair. What is the most convenient (i.e. least time-consuming and most cost-effective) way to track down a specific part?

There are many different makes and models of vehicles that are on the market today. This translates to vast quantities of automobile parts. It may seem like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, but in the age of the internet, it’s fairly simple to locate exactly what you need online.

Only a decade or two ago, in order to find anything for your car, you would have to physically go to a junk yard and spend time looking around for what you needed.  The process is so much easier nowadays, because everything is conveniently listed in a computer database and available to you online. So there is no need to search for hours for the parts that you need when all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse.

Salvage auction sites (as you can tell by the name) list a huge amount of salvage title vehicles for sale. This makes it easier than ever before to acquire just the part you need. While salvage auction websites don’t often sell parts directly, can help members get in contact with junkyards that will cut or dismantle auction cars for the purpose of obtaining parts.

You can use the website to locate the specific make and model of car you’re looking for and find an available auction in you area. Although you would traditionally need a dealer’s license to actually participate in a salvage auction, by being a member of, you can bypass this, as an affiliate dealer will bid on your behalf after you’ve provided your maximum bid. Once the auction has ended, if the affiliate dealer was successful in acquiring the vehicle, then it’s yours. Afterwards, simply contact, and they will help you find a junkyard near you that will dismantle the vehicle for the part you need.

How to Afford a Luxury Car on a Used Car Budget

On auto auctions you can find cheap used luxury carsPurchasing a used car is a helpful way to make a tight budget stretch farther. Just because you are looking for a car does not mean that it has to be basic. At, you can find a selection of high-quality automotive brands. Here are some tips for affording a luxury car on a used car budget.
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Buying Salvage Used Cars on Minimum Budget

cars on auctionsBuying salvage cars for sale at auctions is a great way to save money if you are looking for a cheap repairable car or car parts. By searching auctions cars for the one that you want and one that fits in your budget involves other costs that you need to keep in mind before you click that “BID” button. Continue reading

Salvage Auctions Have Thousands of Cars, Where Do They Come From?

cars on auctionsThere are thousands of auction cars offered by Copart at any one of their 100 plus auctions of cars all over the United States every day. You may wonder how all these cars end up at an auto auction for sale as opposed to being sold in other ways. Most cars at auction come from only a few sources, which are usually auto insurance companies, finance or lease companies, donations and city or county governments. You can go to, a sister site of, and view all of these cars from the comfort of your home or office. You can search an auction for cars that interest you, or just do a general search by make or model. This blog will focus on cars at auctions that come from insurance companies and finance or lease companies: Continue reading

Fixing or Rebuilding Salvage Cars as a Hobby or Business

auctions of carsIf you enjoy fixing or rebuilding cars as a hobby or even as a business, you may want to consider buying a salvage car for your next project. Purchasing a vehicle from an auto auction can cost you far less than one purchased from a dealer or private seller, leaving you much more room to either spend money if it is a hobby, or more money to make if it is a business. Searching online for auction cars on sites such as, provides you with a huge inventory of all makes and models to choose from. You can register on the site and bid on any of the auctions cars offered by Copart Auto Auctions that is featured on the site. This gives you an opportunity to bid on and purchase cars at auction for a fraction of the price you would pay for one from a private seller or used car dealer. Continue reading

Looking for an inexpensive car to drive or need parts? Consider an Auto Auction

auctions carsMost people are not even aware that they can purchase cars from an auto auction for a fraction of the cost of going through a dealer or private seller. Copart, Inc. has hundreds of locations all over the United States where you can purchase a salvage car, without leaving the comfort of your home or office. With the help of, you can search for any vehicle at any one of Copart’s locations.
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How much should I bid to buy a repairable salvage car for sale at Copart?

Whenever you are making an offer on repairable salvage cars, make sure to take all the factors into consideration like shipping cost, repairs and the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the car, as well as the broker and Copart’s fees. If the ACV is not shown on the listing, you can visit websites like and which can be used as reference for the ACV.

Evaluate the damage to the car either by inspecting it or hiring an inspection service to do it for you. There could be damage on the vehicle not visible on the pictures so DO NOT bid on salvage vehicles before inspecting them.

Bid on vehicles closer to your location to save on shipping. Always hire the shipping services yourself, avoid shipping services provided by the broker, you will get a better deal if you hire it yourself. You can even get shipping estimates before bidding on sites like

Always check the broker and Copart’s fees. These fees vary depending on the final price of the vehicle, remember Copart charges late payment fee if the vehicle is not paid within two business days from the date of the purchase, and storage fee if the vehicle is not removed from the yard within 6 calendar days from the date of the purchase.

Based on all of the factors above, submit your maximum offer amount, no matter what the current bid is. Don’t offer a few hundred dollars over the current bid, if you do this then it is highly unlikely that you will win the virtual auction, because if the broker is bidding on your behalf, this will narrow the margin with which we can make an offer. If you are bidding directly at, make your offer during the preliminary bidding period.

Make realistic offers and never bid the minimum amount possible or you will have very slim chances of winning. For instance: if the ACV of a 2009 BMW 335i is $42000 do not make an offer for $5000, a vehicle is worth more sold for parts so if you only offer 10% or 20% of the ACV, unless the vehicle has serious damage, your chances of winning will be very low. Copart is a very competitive auction with thousands of buyers from all over the world so make sure you make a realistic offer or you will waste your time. Keep in mind that there are bidders from all over the world that login to Copart to compete for the same vehicle.

If you are bidding at, always make your offer for the maximum amount you want us to bid on your behalf, no matter what the current bid is. Remember these vehicles are auctioned by Copart not by us, so more important than having the highest offer on our website, is that your offer is high enough to win the virtual auction at Copart. If your maximum offer is $4500 and the vehicle sells for $4550, and you were willing to buy it for $4600 then you should have made your maximum offer for $4600 or more. Remember the sales price will be what we purchase the vehicle for, which could be less than your maximum offer.

Ways to buy Salvage Vehicles

There are two ways to buy salvage vehicles from Copart through Inloher Corp., using one of our Salvage Auction websites and with our Copart Registered Broker site These are sister websites, however they are very different. Both options have the same vehicles that are sold by Copart. The difference is that with, there is no limit to the types of vehicles purchased; you can buy bikes, cars, trucks or boats. When you are registered with the Salvage Auction websites you are limited to the types of vehicles listed on the site. For example, with you can only buy salvage cars and SUVs; with you can only buy salvage trucks, and so on.

Both options require a subscription fee payment. At when you register with a monthly subscription the first month is free and then is $20 per month, or you can register with a yearly subscription of $145. The Salvage Auction websites only require a subscription fee of $25 per year for each specific site. The advantage to having the free month with Salvage Reseller is that you can buy as many vehicles as you want in the first month then close your account and you will not pay any subscription fees. In both options the Copart fees and the broker fees per vehicle purchased are the same.

Once you register with, you receive an email with your bidder number and the password so that you can login to and start bidding on the vehicles yourself. When you register with the Salvage Auction websites, we login to and do the bidding in your behalf. The advantage to bidding yourself at Copart is that you get to have more control of how much you want to bid during Copart’s virtual auction. In the Salvage Auction websites, we bid on your behalf at the virtual auction only up to the maximum that you are willing to pay. For instance, if you are buying salvage motorcycles and the one you want is selling for $2000 and your maximum is $1800, then we do not bid any higher than the maximum you offer and you will lose the auction. Whereas, if you register with, you can bid up to your bidding limit ($4000 for every $400 on security deposit or 10% of the security deposit if it is over $400).

Both options require a minimum of $400 security deposit which allows you to bid up to $4000 on one vehicle. The deposit is used towards the payment of the vehicle when you purchase through the Salvage Auctions sites. However, the deposit must remain on fund in the Salvage Reseller account and cannot be applied to the purchase price.

There is no limit to the amount of vehicles that can be purchased with either of the sites. But, when you are registered with the Salvage Auction sites, you cannot purchase in Hawaii, Alaska, or during the nightcap sales. You can only buy vehicles listed at the Copart auto auctions that begin at 12:00 pm. Neither of the sites can purchase vehicles in Ohio or in Michigan. However, with the Salvage Auctions you can purchase in Wisconsin, which you cannot do with Salvage Reseller.

Both of the sites have their advantages depending on what your preferences are. Both of the sites are owned by Inloher Corp., we provide speedy, courteous customer service and we also provide service in Spanish!

Why is buying a salvage title car is a good idea?

There are many reasons for buying damaged cars for sale; mainly for the low cost of buying a wrecked used car this way. These cars can be parted out and used to repair or rebuild another car. Many repair shops and hobbyists use the parts to put together the vehicles they are restoring at a lower cost. Second hand parts are sometimes almost half the cost of buying a new part.

Some buyers actually purchase these vehicles for personal use. Sometimes it is a lot cheaper to buy and repair a car with a salvage title and slight damage than buying a clean title car, and if it is going to be for personal use or for your kid to go to college, you might not pay too much attention to what the resell value of the vehicle will be. Please remember it is always very important to inspect the vehicles before purchasing to assess the actual damage and what the repair cost will be. Since these cars are salvaged, it is hard to assess what the resale value of the car will be.

Other buyers repair the vehicles to get it inspected by the DMV, get a rebuilt title and then resell them as a low cost vehicle, (if you do not have a dealer license you must first contact your local DMV for information). This can be good for anyone not looking to spend a lot on the car. They can be a good alternate, low-cost vehicle for a newer vehicle. That way the new vehicle is not taking the majority of the wear and tear and they keep their value longer.

Some salvage title cars buyers usually shop around insurance companies to see which ones will insure the car for the least amount. This way, they are saving money on the car and on the insurance as well, and they can have a car on the road for a very low cost.

Some buyers of salvage cars export them overseas. These can be repaired at a very low cost and then they can be sold for a larger profit than if they were sold within the United States. There is a very large market of salvage title vehicles that get purchased for export.

Whether they are for export, parts or for fixing up, salvage title cars are a good way to purchase vehicles for pennies on the dollar. If the purpose is one of having a car that can be fixed cheaply and to get from point A to B, then the vehicle is a good buy.