10 Items to Always Have in Your Car

swiss army knifeLife happens. Be prepared no matter what comes your way with these ten items.

Car manual

Sometimes a light blinks on your dashboard and you have no idea what your car is trying to tell you. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to change the radio settings. These are times you’ll be thankful you kept your car manual in your glove box.

Tire pressure gauge

Most people operate their vehicle without enough tire pressure. When this happens, it is easy to waste money on fuel. Be sure to look in the manual or the inside of the door paneling to find what level your tires need, and use the gauge to get to that exact level. Being over or under can cause serious problems.

Spare tire

Seems like a no-brainer, but check often that your spare has enough air in it and be sure to have the necessary tools in case you get a flat.

Swiss army knife

It might be for minor work on your car, or perhaps to cut yourself free from your seat belt in the case of an accident. Not to mention for safety purposes.

First aid kit

Accidents happen inside and outside your vehicle. Maybe you’re in a minor car accident and can bandage yourself without an ambulance. Perhaps you witness a crash and are able to help before medics arrive. Or maybe at your child’s sporting event someone gets hurt. Need a band-aid? Medical tape? Perhaps an ice pack? GOT IT. No matter what, you’ll be glad you have your kit.


In case of an accident in which you cannot open your door, use your flashlight to break your window to crawl out of your vehicle. It is important to keep this item in the glove box or console for easy access.


Muddy boots? Moving a dirty item like a lawn mower? Tarp on the floor of your car. Trouble underneath your car? Easy way to slide under. Feel like an impromptu picnic? Tablecloth.

Gas can

In case your gas gauge is on the fritz and you suddenly find yourself on empty, it’s important to have a gas can handy.


With some spare fuses in the car, you can avoid electrical problems.


It’s always possible that you might get stranded somewhere and need extra fluids, especially if you often travel on back roads. If you start feeling dizzy while driving, be sure to drink plenty of water to re-hydrate. If you spill something in your car, you can use water to blot out the stain.

Should a problem occur, you’ll be ready.