Damaged Cars – Hurricane Season Is The Perfect Time For Them

If you have been a reader of this blog, you know we have approached the reasons damaged cars get that title quite often. And although most reasons are just as important, cars deemed salvage due to floods and hurricanes need a little extra attention.

With hurricane Dorian out of the way, hurricane season still has a lot of surprises to come. The trail of damage on hurricanes’ paths takes a toll on the population and their properties, especially their homes and vehicles.

hurricane damaged vehicles
Hurricane-Damaged Cars Cost a Fraction Of The Price

Be aware of the date the damaged car received the salvage title. That “fateful” date may coincide with thunderstorms and hurricanes. That’s really important to know because some places will hide the true reason a vehicle was deemed salvage: floods. 

Stay Safe! The Number Of Damaged Cars Due To Hurricanes Is Huge Every Year!

Each year, hundreds of thousands of damaged cars are written off as total losses after each hurricane season. Those salvage vehicles find new life after little to extensive repairs. However, they also may give life to other vehicles, through the use of parts sold at online car auctions.

Hurricanes often leave many vehicles flood damaged but with their bodies intact. Despite that, insurance companies will still declare thousands of them as total losses. Those get to be sold for scrap or wholesale car dealers across North America.

Flooded cars
Floods damage cars every year

You can find many of those damaged cars for sale at sites like Copart.com. There are also other types of vehicles, such as salvage boats, salvage trucks and salvage motorcycles for sale. There is a huge demand for such vehicles because they cost only a fraction of the original price.

How Do I Get A Salvage Car Back On The Road?

The best thing about salvage cars is the price. However, you need to keep in mind that in order to put the car on the road, you will have to spend some money. If you have knowledge on how to repair vehicles, you save even more money.

You can’t drive or register salvage cars until they are repaired and the owner gets a new title. You can get really lucky buying a damaged car since there are all kinds of damage to be found.

So before you embark on that salvage vehicle trip, do a lot of research. Talk to friends that own damaged vehicles, as well as mechanics. Good luck!