Salvage Title Cars -10 Reasons Why A Car Is Deemed Salvage – Part 2

And we are back with the second part of the “10 Reasons Why Cars Get A Salvage Title” list. We hope this helps our readers to have a better understanding of salvage cars (and salvage vehicles in general), before closing the deal on something they like.

Knowing the reason a salvage car got a salvage title will help you save money when you decide to repair it. It will also help you go straight to the source of the problem, saving you a lot of time. Also, if you want to buy a salvage title car for parts only, having the knowledge of where those parts came from will increase the probability of getting better quality parts. 

The force of nature will give your car a salvage title
This is just one of the reasons a car will get a salvage title

6-  Nature Strikes Back. The Dealership Is The Victim

Yep, natural disaster chooses no victim. Cars will get salvage titles even if they were on the dealer’s lot during a natural disaster, even if the damages weren’t great or no damages at all.

Let’s say a flood tears through the area where the dealership is and submerges half of the vehicles there. Depending on the total of cars involved, the insurance inspector may decide to write off the entire lot, instead of incurring the cost to inspect every single car, repair the slightly damaged ones and total the rest.

flooded salvage cars
Find out why the car got a salvage title

7 – Someone Totaled Their Car

Before you jump to conclusions, not every accident that totals a car destroys it completely. Most of them are easily repairable salvage cars. For example, a car is totaled when the cost to fix it after an accident is more costly than a certain percentage of its value. When that happens, the insurance companies choose to replace the vehicle instead of replacing it. The damaged vehicle goes to a junkyard and then sold for parts or sold to enthusiasts.

Long story short, even the smallest, costly damage that will lead to expensive repairs might get the car a “totaled” status.

8 – Salvage Title Car Sold For Parts Only

Some states won’t allow a salvage-title car to ever be operated on the road again. Other states could declare the salvage-title car to be too damaged to rebuild. If that’s the case, they can only be sold for parts. 

salvage vehicle looking good
The salvage title vehicle may look good on the outside, but with a bad inside.

9- The Owner Hasn’t Had The Car Re-Titled

Some states label vehicles with salvage titles as irreparable or repairable salvage cars. This designates where it is possible to re-title or rebuild the salvage title vehicle. When it is safe to repair a vehicle, the state will issue a rebuilt title. The vehicle will lose the salvage title as a result of passing the inspection.

10 – Recovered Stolen Car

This is one of the best scenarios when you buy a salvage car for sale. The insurance companies tend to act fast. They will try to help their clients get back on the road while their car is still missing. In cases where it takes many weeks and months until the car is recovered, the insurer may have probably replaced the vehicle for the owner.

And there you go. Hopefully, we were able to help you. Go to a Copart broker to buy the salvage title car of your choice. You can even find salvage motorcycles, salvage boats, salvage trucks, and more on salvage car auctions