What’s A Salvage Car Auction?

There are many different ways to get a car. You may buy or lease an auto, or if you are tight on cash and want to save some money, there are used car dealerships that can help you or even buying a second-hand car from someone you found on the newspaper or Craigslist. And there’s a salvage car auction.

Careful when you drive on slippery roads
Careful when you drive on slippery roads

The salvage car auction option is still a little obscure, due to being this lesser-known way to buy cars. But it get more and more attention from car buyers everyday. All because you may find a great vehicle and pay a way cheaper price for it.

If you take the time to understand the concept of a salvage car auction and the factors surrounding salvage title vehicles (i.e. do your homework), this modality is a good way to get a steep price cut on your next vehicle.

I Am New To The Salvage Car Auction World. Why Is A Vehicle Deemed Salvage?

This happens when the insurance company decides not to repair a vehicle because it’s just too costly for them. The reasons why a car is deemed salvage can vary a lot. The most frequent reason are the car accidents. The vehicles are also deemed salvage due to floods, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, landslides, etc.



If you want to buy salvage cars, go to a salvage car auction website to see cars that are cheaper than other used makes and models. It’s a great idea if you are looking to buy a salvage car to use it for spare parts (it is an amazing source) or to fix it and for your own use. It is very likely, you will end up saving a lot of money regardless of your choice.

Your expertise in repairing vehicles can help lower the end cost of the salvage car even more. Maybe this will help you in finding exactly what you want and getting it up and running, spending less money.

What Is The Difference Between A Normal Title And A Salvage Title?

Right off the bat, you should know that the “salvage” part in your title is kind of permanent. No matter how much money you have put into it and if it looks and works flawlessly. The car will always be designated as a salvage, and it will affect how you insure your recently purchased vehicle. Well, almost always.

Salvage Car Auction -  You can't salvage this one
You can’t salvage this one

If you restore the salvage vehicle, chances are the insurance will be more expensive. But the reason for a pricier and more difficult to get insurance is that the insurers are not able to identify where the damage originated in case of a new accident.

In case you want to have a chance in clearing your salvage vehicle’s title, you need to go to the DMV. They will perform a rigorous inspection to make sure the vehicle has been properly repaired. If everything is okay, a rebuilt title will replace the salvage title. As a result, the new title can have a positive effect in your insurance cost.