Top Reasons for a Salvage Title

reasons for salvage title

You’ve heard of a “salvage title car” but what does it mean and how did it happen? A car receives a salvage title when the insurance company determines the cost to repair it exceeds its worth. This is commonly referred to as a “total loss“.

Even though the insurance company has deemed a vehicle a “total loss”, the car may still be worthwhile to you. It is important to know that besides accidents, there are several reasons for a salvage title.

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What are “Repairable Salvage Cars for Sale”?

repairable salvage cars

You may have heard the term “repairable salvage cars”. Perhaps you’ve seen repairable salvage cars for sale online? 

While explaining the details of repairable salvage cars is I will go over:

  • the definition of a repairable salvage car
  • how a vehicle comes to be a repairable salvage car
  • the difference between a repairable salvage car vs non-repairable
  • how you can find salvage cars for sale online even if you do not have a dealer’s license

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How To Find Salvage Cars for Sale

find salvage cars for sale from a salvage auto auction online

Are you trying to find salvage cars for sale online? There are many options and several things to consider. To make the process easier we have put together this guide.

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