Why is buying a salvage title car is a good idea?

There are many reasons for buying damaged cars for sale; mainly for the low cost of buying a wrecked used car this way. These cars can be parted out and used to repair or rebuild another car. Many repair shops and hobbyists use the parts to put together the vehicles they are restoring at a lower cost. Second hand parts are sometimes almost half the cost of buying a new part.

Some buyers actually purchase these vehicles for personal use. Sometimes it is a lot cheaper to buy and repair a car with a salvage title and slight damage than buying a clean title car, and if it is going to be for personal use or for your kid to go to college, you might not pay too much attention to what the resell value of the vehicle will be. Please remember it is always very important to inspect the vehicles before purchasing to assess the actual damage and what the repair cost will be. Since these cars are salvaged, it is hard to assess what the resale value of the car will be.

Other buyers repair the vehicles to get it inspected by the DMV, get a rebuilt title and then resell them as a low cost vehicle, (if you do not have a dealer license you must first contact your local DMV for information). This can be good for anyone not looking to spend a lot on the car. They can be a good alternate, low-cost vehicle for a newer vehicle. That way the new vehicle is not taking the majority of the wear and tear and they keep their value longer.

Some salvage title cars buyers usually shop around insurance companies to see which ones will insure the car for the least amount. This way, they are saving money on the car and on the insurance as well, and they can have a car on the road for a very low cost.

Some buyers of salvage cars export them overseas. These can be repaired at a very low cost and then they can be sold for a larger profit than if they were sold within the United States. There is a very large market of salvage title vehicles that get purchased for export.

Whether they are for export, parts or for fixing up, salvage title cars are a good way to purchase vehicles for pennies on the dollar. If the purpose is one of having a car that can be fixed cheaply and to get from point A to B, then the vehicle is a good buy.