Ways to buy Salvage Vehicles

There are two ways to buy salvage vehicles from Copart through Inloher Corp., using one of our Salvage Auction websites and with our Copart Registered Broker site SalvageReseller.com. These are sister websites, however they are very different. Both options have the same vehicles that are sold by Copart. The difference is that with SalvageReseller.com, there is no limit to the types of vehicles purchased; you can buy bikes, cars, trucks or boats. When you are registered with the Salvage Auction websites you are limited to the types of vehicles listed on the site. For example, with SalvageAutosAuction.com you can only buy salvage cars and SUVs; with SalvageTrucksAuction.com you can only buy salvage trucks, and so on.

Both options require a subscription fee payment. At SalvageReseller.com when you register with a monthly subscription the first month is free and then is $20 per month, or you can register with a yearly subscription of $145. The Salvage Auction websites only require a subscription fee of $25 per year for each specific site. The advantage to having the free month with Salvage Reseller is that you can buy as many vehicles as you want in the first month then close your account and you will not pay any subscription fees. In both options the Copart fees and the broker fees per vehicle purchased are the same.

Once you register with SalvageReseller.com, you receive an email with your bidder number and the password so that you can login to Copart.com and start bidding on the vehicles yourself. When you register with the Salvage Auction websites, we login to Copart.com and do the bidding in your behalf. The advantage to bidding yourself at Copart is that you get to have more control of how much you want to bid during Copart’s virtual auction. In the Salvage Auction websites, we bid on your behalf at the virtual auction only up to the maximum that you are willing to pay. For instance, if you are buying salvage motorcycles and the one you want is selling for $2000 and your maximum is $1800, then we do not bid any higher than the maximum you offer and you will lose the auction. Whereas, if you register with SalvageReseller.com, you can bid up to your bidding limit ($4000 for every $400 on security deposit or 10% of the security deposit if it is over $400).

Both options require a minimum of $400 security deposit which allows you to bid up to $4000 on one vehicle. The deposit is used towards the payment of the vehicle when you purchase through the Salvage Auctions sites. However, the deposit must remain on fund in the Salvage Reseller account and cannot be applied to the purchase price.

There is no limit to the amount of vehicles that can be purchased with either of the sites. But, when you are registered with the Salvage Auction sites, you cannot purchase in Hawaii, Alaska, or during the nightcap sales. You can only buy vehicles listed at the Copart auto auctions that begin at 12:00 pm. Neither of the sites can purchase vehicles in Ohio or in Michigan. However, with the Salvage Auctions you can purchase in Wisconsin, which you cannot do with Salvage Reseller.

Both of the sites have their advantages depending on what your preferences are. Both of the sites are owned by Inloher Corp., we provide speedy, courteous customer service and we also provide service in Spanish!