Salvage Car – How To Get The Perfect One For Your Kid (Or Anyone, Really)

Who can ever forget their first car? I know I wish I could. If I had better guidance or a little more knowledge 15 years ago, I bet my opinion about my first vehicle would be different. Way different. 

Let’s look at all the factors that made me choose my Fiat back in the day:

  • High mileage- Check
  • Older model – Check
  • No fancy stuff (yep, not even AC) – Check
  • Clean title – Check

Bear in mind, all those choices were made in order to get the lowest price possible and have the vehicle paid in full already. I didn’t want to owe anybody. At least that choice was smart.

salvage car fiat
Italian Salvage – Just One of Fiat’s Models

All the money I spent afterward trying to keep my car working, and new issues I kept finding along the way and had to repair. Every time I regretted making the choices that got me that car in the first place. 

They say that ignorance is bliss. Not if you have to pay for your own ignorance for years to come, it isn’t. 

My Old Self Would Have Said: Research, Be Patient. Your Salvage Car Will Be Amazing

You know, young kids. They are not known to be very patient. Especially when you are about to get your first car. It is a huge day, it’s special. You can’t wait to show it to your friends, your parents can’t wait to tell their friends their kid is driving. Special day, indeed. 

The unwillingness to wait will cloud your judgment. So instead of getting the first thing you see in front of you, do some research. You might even get a late-model, low-mileage, Japanese gem.

salvage mercedes benz
You can also find this German beaut on yards

Steps To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises When Buying Your Salvage Vehicle

Here is the step by step to make your life a little easier when shopping for damaged cars:

  1. Go to reliable brokers, like Copart brokers and reliable resellers and check the cars. Be cautious and find a place that is legit. There is a lot of bad business in the auto business. 
  1. Get pictures of the car. Most people only see the salvage car after it’s fixed or after the dealership made it pretty for you just to have problems weeks later. It is important to get pictures before the car has been repaired. Some dealers won’t give pictures. The serious businesses, will. Trust is essential for a smoother transaction;
  2. Check its history. Run a history check on the vehicle. If there are any discrepancies with the reports, you should not close the deal. Big red flag right there. It’s also a good idea to do your own report using the VIN number;
  3. Inspect your get your car. Even if you trust the dealer that sold you the car, get a second opinion. Get a qualified specialist to check out the vehicle. Beware of scams;
  4. Make sure you can insure your salvage vehicle. Talk to your insurance company and check their policies when it comes to repairable salvage cars. They may insure the vehicle for liability but not for a collision. It all depends on how much the insurance company is willing to cover your car. 
classic fiat
Can you believe this is also a Fiat ride?


Sometimes you buy a used car and don’t know what’s wrong with it. At least with the salvage car, you kind of expect what to get and have the opportunity to fix it with no big surprises. Follow these steps when you see damaged cars for sale and decide to buy them for your kid and the only surprise you will have is the smile on his/her face when they see the car.