Tired of your Tires


cars auto auctionKnowing when to change your car’s tires and what to do with the old ones doesn’t have to stress you. We have gathered a few of the vital signs for knowing when to change your tires so you do not waste money changing them too early or make the mistake of waiting to change them until it is too late.  Here are a few tips from SalvageAutosAuction.com to keep you rolling safely down the road.

Changing the tires
While tire manufacturers offer guidelines on how many miles a tire can handle, there aren’t any set limits. A visual inspection should tell you if the tires on the vehicle you plan to buy from a cars auto auction have plenty of life or need to go.

  • Look for worn patches, tears or bulges on the sidewalls. These could lead to a blowout.
  • Look for glass or shards of metal sticking out from the tire. Sometimes items can be removed and the holes plugged, but not always.
  • Look for whitish lines running across the treads. Too many visible tread-wear indicators isn’t good.

Disposing of used tires
The old tires are off your project car and the new ones from a salvage Chevy have been mounted. Here are options for getting rid of tires responsibly.

  • Bring the tires to a recycling facility or service station that accepts them for free.
  • Keep an eye out for when your town offers a tire acceptance program.
  • Ask the store where you bought the new tires to take them.
  • Make a tree swing or obstacle course for children.
  • Give them away at an online sales or recycling website.
  • Consider selling them to a business that buys tires for retreading.

Photo by Flicker user: Wonderlane